Fool's Garden

But there's a heavy cloud inside my head...

Name // Age // Location
Kayla // Kid At Heart // Land of Myth and Revival

Just a girl who is forever looking for ways to escape reality and be someone else for a change. She gets stuck in her head a lot and has a passion for all things creative.

At a glance:
♠ Alice in Wonderland
♠ All Time Low
♠ Cosplay
♠ Disney
♠ Ellen Hopkins & Nora Roberts novels
♠ Equestrians & Equines
♠ Falling Skies
♠ Harry Potter
♠ Hetalia
♠ Homestuck
♠ Interior Design
♠ Mayday Parade
♠ Pierce The Veil
♠ Sleeping With Sirens
♠ The Tudors
♠ Writing
♠ You Me At Six

Sprites Courtesy Of...

...while nothing ever happens and I wonder.